First Day of Work Checklist

A new job provides the opportunity for a fresh start, a chance to make a great first impression, new connections, and new responsibilities that can help you grow as an individual. Starting out at a new job can be exciting and nerve-racking but there are steps to take to feel prepared for your first day.

Lay out your outfit

Dress the part. Whether you are beginning your first day in an office setting or production setting you want to be sure to wear the appropriate attire. Laying out your outfit in advance also helps reduce the amount of rushing in the morning before work.

Plan your route and transportation

Will there be heavy traffic? Do you have gas in your car? Do you know your bus route? Did you coordinate pick-up times? No matter how you get to work, make sure your route is planned. This ensures no surprises the morning of. Nothing is more stressful than waking up and not knowing how you are going to get to work. Car, bus, bike, carpooling, Uber, taxi services are all options, so you have no excuse to miss or be late on your first day.

Set an alarm…or 3

Set your alarm and check it twice. It is not a great first impression to show up late on your first day of work. Whatever you need to do to make sure you’re up and ready, make it happen.

Check your paperwork and documents

Do you need to bring anything with you on your first day? Do you know what entrance to report to? Did your employer give you any special instructions? Look over all of the fine print before you head out that morning and you will be one step closer to feeling prepared.

Prepare and think of questions you might have

It is always good to ask questions on your first day of work. Have some in mind to take with you.

Write down or think about the reason you took this job

This is a great tip that comes from Muse writer Erin Greenawald, who suggests writing down the biggest reason you decided to take this job.

“Then, when things get overwhelming, everything isn’t what you expected it to be, or you feel like you’ll never make it up the steep learning curve ahead of you, you can return to that reason and remind yourself why you’re doing this,” she says.

Get some rest!

Getting a goodnight’s sleep so you are prepared for you first day. Try to go to bed a little earlier than usual or a decent time. I know you’re excited, but it is important to show up ready to go.

Follow up

Follow this checklist to have great first day at your new job. If you have more questions don’t hesitate to reach out to your Advance Services HR Coordinator. We are here to help you succeed in your new career.