Are You Experiencing New Job Soreness?

“Your body can do it. Now It’s time to convince your mind.”

Starting at a new job can be challenging. Navigating through a new building, meeting new coworkers, and performing new job duties can be mentally and physically exhausting. It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed and to feel some soreness in your first week or two. We regularly hear that employees, especially in production, assembly and manual labor positions, are feeling “new job soreness.” These new job aches are related to employees who start a new position and are using motions and muscles they haven’t used before or in a long time.

An employee that is new to this type of work, might feel very sore, stiff and tender after their first few days on a new job. Although these pains can be uncomfortable and a nuisance, there is a silver lining! Your body is resilient. The more you stick with the position, the more comfortable you will become with the style of work. As time goes on, you will be better adapted to the work and you won’t feel the new job soreness anymore.

In the meantime, there are a couple of things you can do to manage your soreness.

  1. Stretch
  2. Ice and Heat

This soreness won’t last very long. You’ll look back one day and be happy that you decided to stick with your new position. Don’t hesitate to ask your supervisor or Advance Services onsite coordinator for tips and tricks on beating the new job soreness.